Please Dont Cut The Flowers (Press Pack)

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We are very proud to announce our film has been selected to be shown at Women of The Lens film festival


Please Don’t Cut The Flowers (Drama short)

Okaaaay. Just finished a short drama (written and produced by yours truly) about FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). It’s the story of two sisters, one of whom wants to take her daughter, to Eritrea, in order for her to be cut. The younger sister is horrified by this and tries to talk her out of it.


This is the first drama I’ve written. The subject matter is important to me as I am very against this barbaric practice. Producing this was difficult but I learnt a lot, particularly about how much, even a no budget, film costs to make!!

The film will be re-edited over the summer and will be available for viewing around September time.

Getting On (films I loved)


This is a genius short by the Scottish filmmaker Ewan Stewart We were shown this film in class and I immediately fell in love with it. It is completely genius within, what would appear to be, a mundane subject. Brilliantly scripted and cleverly filmed.

It won awards everywhere it showed and quite rightly so.

BAFTA Scotland Winner – Best Short Film 2014
WINNER – Best UK Short – London Short Film Festival 2014
WINNER – Best Scottish Short – Glasgow Short Film Festival 2014
WINNER – Audience Award – Kinemastik International Short Film Festival, Malta 2014
WINNER – Audience Award – Scots Day Out Festival, Bendigo, Australia, 2016
SPECIAL MENTION – Best British Short Film – Leeds International Film Festival 2013

Unfortunately I cannot find the whole film online but did find a directors cut on Vimeo which will give you a flavour of this awesome film. 

<p><a href=”″>Directors&#8217; Cuts: An excerpt from &ldquo;Getting On&rdquo; by Ewan Stewart – NOWNESS</a> from <a href=””>NOWNESS</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Masterclass with Joanna Natasegara

On 26th November I attended a Masterclass at the Bertha Dochouse for a Producer Masterclass with Joanna Natasegara (Virunga & The White Helmets). This was filmed and can be found on Vimeo_94863548_joannanatasegara_orlandovoneinsiedel_afp

It was a real inspiration listening to her and due to this I have decided I’d like get involved with this type of documentary. What is impact producing?????

“Impact producing is a project that is designed to have an impact with its point of view, not just tell a story.” Katherine Dodds (founder of Hello Cool World)

This to me sounds like heaven and is something I’d like to do myself or get involved with someone else’s project

The first drama short I produced

This short was written & directed by my good friend Keshawn Dixon. It was my first experience of producing dramas. Although it was hard work I really enjoyed the process. One of the actresses, Keira Allen-Anderson was so impressive, her scream at the end of the film still gives me chills. When I wrote my drama short about FGM I knew I wanted her to play one of the main roles. I’ll be blogging shortly about the film I’m in the process of making.



This is the last movie I saw. It wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen but it’s a lovely little movie with great performances by Julian Dennison who plays the boy, Ricky and Rachel House who plays the probation officer, Paula.

The writer and director,  Taika Waititi won the Audience Award at Edinburgh Film Festival (2016)

At the New Zealand Film and TV Awards (2017) it made a clean sweep wining:

Best Film
Best Director: Taika Waititi
Best Actor: Julian Dennison
Best Supporting Actress: Rima Te Wiata
Best Supporting Actor: Sam Neill

If I was going to make feature films this is the type of story I would be interested in producing.

So if any of you budding writers out there have a story you’d like to collaborate on please get in touch

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